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The giant of healthcare

Joe Paduda

UnitedHealth Group projects its 2022 revenues will be around $320 billion – that’s equivalent to 7% of total US healthcare spend. (around 80% of UHG revenues flow through as medical expenses.) UHG is the largest of the health insurers, capturing … Continue reading The giant of healthcare


Facts vs beliefs

Joe Paduda

The medical community is wrestling with ethical issues arising from vaccines. Simply put, should unvaccinated people infected with COVID be treated differently than the vaccinated? This isn’t just an academic exercise; here in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and … Continue reading Facts vs beliefs


I’m thankful for

Joe Paduda

The many, many good friends I’ve made over 30+ years in this business…people I would not have met if I hadn’t somehow stumbled into and stayed/got stuck here. The passion many have to do the right thing and the privilege … Continue reading I’m thankful for