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Help me understand…

Joe Paduda

We are in the midst of a national pandemic, where: 3 million of us have been infected; over 20 million have lost their jobs, and likely their health insurance; many states – including those hardest hit – haven’t expanded Medicaid, … Continue reading Help me understand…


The stuff is hitting the fan

Joe Paduda

COVID19 is morphing, affecting different regions differently, infecting a different age cohort, and perhaps mutating. What should workers’ comp service providers do?  Pay attention to the facts. Not the politicized nonsense from people who should know better, but the facts. … Continue reading The stuff is hitting the fan


The long haul

Joe Paduda

This isn’t going to be “over” for at least a year. Probably longer. Long enough that all of us must focus not on preparing for the end of the pandemic, but adapting to it and accepting that tomorrow will look … Continue reading The long haul