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Making the right moves at the right time makes all the difference between mediocrity and success.  Joe Paduda’s well-deserved reputation for keen insight and deep knowledge gives him unparalleled access to the industry’s key executives and decision makers.  Health Strategy Associates delivers timely and actionable advice to help clients build their brands, enter new markets, differentiate their services, increase sales, and make wise acquisitions. We bring an unbiased, open approach to the challenges and opportunities facing your company and draw on years of experience, continuous industry analysis and a keen understanding of economic drivers to help you make the right moves. Contact Joe Paduda to explore a consulting engagement.


Strategic Planning

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Share Evaluation
  • Research & Benchmarking


Operational Improvements

  • Performance assessment
  • Vendor Evaluation and Selection
  • Process Analysis and Recommendations
  • Feasibility Studies


Sales & Marketing

  • Product/Service Development
  • Positioning and Messaging
  • Coaching and Professional Development
  • Goal-Setting


Investor Guidance

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Due Diligence
  • Market sizing
  • Assessment services



A sought-after media source, Joe constantly monitors the healthcare landscape and calls on exceptional analytical skills and 30 years of experience to deliver a fresh perspective.

Paduda on Single-Payer & Comp

WorkersCompensation, March 13, 2019, Paduda to make the case for single-payer healthcare.



Conducting surveys on important industry issues helps detect trends and discover solutions.

2018 Prescription Drug Management in Workers’ Compensation

Prescription Drug Management in Workers’ Compensation (PDF) The Fifteenth Annual Survey Report (based on 2017 data) Over the last eight … Continue reading 2018 Prescription Drug Management in Workers’ Compensation



A gifted speaker, popular at major conferences and corporate meetings, Joe Paduda is adept at converting complex issues into manageable knowledge that audiences can immediately apply. To schedule Joe, contact Helen King Patterson,, 813-690-4787.

April 23-24 – 2019 LWCC Provider Conference

Mark your calendars for April 23-24 when Joe Paduda will be speaking at the LWCC Provider Conference in New Orleans. … Continue reading April 23-24 – 2019 LWCC Provider Conference features Joe’s thoughts, opinion – and often — breaking news.  Subscribe here.


Which way is California’s work comp system headed?

Joe Paduda

There seemed to be a bit of nervous tension as CWCI’s annual meeting kicked off. After years of relative stability, and dare I say it steady improvement in many areas, it’s no wonder stakeholders are a bit trepidatious. With a … Continue reading Which way is California’s work comp system headed?


Work comp services – quick takes

Joe Paduda

Over the last two + weeks I’ve had a dozen or so calls with investors asking about the workers’ comp space.  Mostly this seems driven by the OneCall debt issuance and financial situation, but the conversations all started with a … Continue reading Work comp services – quick takes


Why “Medicare for Some” may be here faster than you think

Joe Paduda

Healthcare was the top issue for Independents (and Democrats) before the 2018 midterms. Notice the emphasis on “Independents”. Dems are going to vote blue, Republicans will vote red, so the 2020 election is going to be decided – like most … Continue reading Why “Medicare for Some” may be here faster than you think