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It doesn’t matter

Joe Paduda

if you think COVID is overblown, just the flu, not going to hurt you, came from a Chinese lab, or part of some bizarre plot by the New World Order. it doesn’t matter if you haven’t been vaccinated because you … Continue reading It doesn’t matter


Rating workers’ comp payers

Joe Paduda

Okay, a LOT of interest among work comp service providers in rating/reviewing workers’ comp payers…so let’s find out what service providers want to know/share. I’ve got a few thoughts about key considerations…perhaps assessing payers based on: does the buyer really … Continue reading Rating workers’ comp payers


Vendors rating buyers…

Joe Paduda

Customers and prospects rate vendors all the time – yet vendors never rate/review customers or prospects. I’m as guilty as anyone else for not seeing the obvious; sellers’ views of buyers are just as important as buyers’ views of sellers.  … Continue reading Vendors rating buyers…